I am new to the club and Want to start the Action

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Good Morning Lovely people,

My Name is Dani Nehme, Lebanese and live in Dubai.
I have registered a while ago but was a bit busy to join the earlier rides. I'm just wondering, when and how can we do our first ride and then join the newbie rides?
Car is ready, all Requirements are on board and I am READY! lol
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Hi Dani,

welcome to the family, all you need to do now is keep an eye in the form, in the coming days they would create an event for new members which you can join, and sense you have all the required equipment straight after the trip one of the Marshalls will pass by your car and verify your equipment if all the items are as per the specifications they will change your membership to Newbie.

I had my first trip in November, if I'd guess I'd say the next new joiners trip would be next year and not this year.

good luck.
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