Stars Track XIV 2023

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Greetings everyone,

It’s been a very very long time since I last joined a 5- drive in our backyard playground so I decided to join this drive organized by @Barish & assist our new drivers on their journey to getting their skills polished.

Thankfully the weather was great in the morning and not as hot as I expected.

The organizer split the group into two convoys, I was assigned as sweeper in the convoy led by @alshamsi_m with @PedroLeal second lead, @Tomvanhouten in the middle in charge of rescues and @Rashidjass floating.

Our convoy was shorter and the leading marshal was able to drive at a good pace, starting with a warmup of arches and small climbs in an area with mid size dunes.

Once we arrived at the technical area with smaller but sharper dunes, the fun began grin

The usual crested cars on straight crossings were on the menu along with a few stucks in soft sand and only one pop-out.

I think everyone understood the importance of keeping a bigger distance in technical areas as you can’t see very well if the car in front of you is moving or stopped and if you’re too close you might end up on top of it.

We ended at Al Qudra road by the power lines with the customary rally style dash on the sabkhas.

All in all it was a fun drive and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

See you all soon!
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Long time since my last trip report.

I did not plan to join this drive, but last minute I got my new car. Asked to @Barish to admit me and - as an old Jeeper - he was not so happy to see me in an FJ Psmiley

I was second lead to @giorgio in the convoy of the freshly graduated newbies.

Thanks to all the friends in Almost4x4 family who drive an FJ: I pestered you in the latest days with questions about the “washing machine” from the last millenium and you supported me patiently.

I must admit that the car - even stock - is capable and I had fun.

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Hello Everyone

I think we got the chance of one more cool morning before the summer. Although I came on time I don't know how the 30 min finished and we had to move fast !!!

I mentioned we got split into two convoys, I came to help the higher ones where @Barish & @giorgio took care of the younger drivers. I tried to give a good mix of what that area was offering: easy safari style, straight climbs, fast plains, and some soft sand.

I believe that we did very well with a few stucks here and there but nothing major. Thanks for all the supporting team under @Rashidjass guiding. cool

Till next time , stay safe and looking forward to see you in the Grand Iftar

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Hello everyone!!! in love

I want to sum up my wonderful day with a small trip report, as it is difficult for me to find words to express all my feelings and gratitude to the whole Almost 4x4 family for the opportunity to be a part of you. It was a very long-awaited moment and today, finally, it happened. It's so nice to be back!

Just like Marco, today was the first time I drove my car, I didn’t even have the chance to feel it on the road, plus, I had the most important passenger in my life, my beloved mother, with me and it was her first time in a desert. Having such important points, our marshals gave me the opportunity to remember everything, that I was taught as a sweeper, so that I could practice a bit and to bring my mom back safe and sound)))

Accordingly, my trip was a little slow and very gentle without any incident.

Once again, many thanks to the founder, marshals, support team and all the participants, thanks to whom all this became possible.

See you soon and more to come.

Yours Vika and my mom in love
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Hello everyone,

Working hard during the week, in an attempt to finalize my project on the car, but unfortunately it wasn't good enough for me to show up with my own car, hence @Laarni 's car was abused for the purpose of having fun again.

After being absent from the drive last week, it was really nice to see everyone again, so barely time to prepare properly, we were already called for the role call.
Two convoys and I was devoted to the convoy led by @alshamsi_m and @Rashidjass as a floater. @Sorin and @PedroLeal were assisting with me.

The area has a great potential and in the hands of the competent leader, it turned into the perfect practice ground for the convoy. Nothing special occurred durign the drive, just some stucks and pop-outs for which we luckily got some exercise.

It is great to be able to support in this way and see others learn in the safe environment created by all clubmembers.

Thanks a lot everyone for having me and see you soon again.

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It had been a while since I had last signed up for a trip and I was happy to have signed up for a 5- drive. Then the convoy was split and I ended up in the one led by @alshamsi_m, @Rashidjass and @Tomvanhouten

A bit rusty at the beginning, it took me some time to find "the flow" and took a few bumps with more speed than needed. Finally I ended up having a great time, the terrain was diverse and we ended up touching a bit of everything.

For some reason I keep not accounting for tyres warming up: towards the end all four tyres had different readings and around 12-13, up from the 10 of the start. Maybe this is more of a morning issue? One thing for sure the car drifts way more at those pressures.

Very glad to have joined, beautiful end of winter day, fun drive and great people. Final thanks @alshamsi_m bringing coffee and cookies!
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Hi there, sorry to post here (out of topic) but I am not sure what to do next.

my name is Patrick from Germany, living in Dubai. I registered on the 14th of March but I am unable to register for any newbie trips. The app always says "not allowed". Also, I was unable to find out who to contact about this.

I am sort of stuck being unable to to even get started with the club. Can someone help me? Thank you!
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This drive was a welcome drive for our fresh newbies, organized by @Barish .
We split the convoys in two and I had the chance to lead the lower level drivers.

The pace of the drive was slow with plenty incidents as it is always the case in these early drives.
Lessons learned in this early stages are:

Radio communication (you name and you car model/color. with the issue that you have)
Safe distance (20 mts)
Completing a straight crest: As was discussed during the debriefing you will need to have the proper momentum to approach the tip of the crest and you do not slow down the car before you as a driver has pass the crest line. It is only then that you get to decide is you will need to apply your breaks or not.

Over all the drive was fun and I am looking forward to see you all again next weekend

Until then drive safe.
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Hello everyone!

It is always nice joining -5 drives as it reminds me when I got started some time ago. have a nice day

I was position within Master of Dunes @giorgio and General @Barish convoy partially in charge (along with @brett ) on assisting the recoveries. Both @mpodroid & @Viktoriia had a VIP treatment in this drive due to new toys touching sand for the very first time. Congrats to both of you. thumbsup

There was a nice bunch of eager newbies willing to learn and have fun and I believe we all did. And coming back to old memories, we had a Pajero in the convoy who got stuck a few times and somehow, I saw myself reflected on him when getting stuck pretty much same way more than 2 years ago…with Master of Master @alshamsi_m patiently taking me out from nasty ditches. whut

Our viking rope was on fire :eyes_on_fire: recovering people from the front and back of the convoy with 2 VIP customers mainly in Pajero and Explorer…at some point, Brett and I were busy with an additional customer in the waiting list you're kidding, right …no needed to go to the gym on Sat after the drive. thumbsup

I took my son with me, and we had a great time and as usual, I allowed him to “drive” a bit after the drive on the flat. He had a blast, and it is interesting to see how off-roading is not only about driving and hanging out with friends but also an activity that may reinforce parents and sons’ relationships if they are up to it. Just a little advice for new joiners. redbullsmiley

See you soon
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Dear Almosters

Firstly a big thank you to @Barish for arranging the drive, our founder @alshamsi_m .
The weather was perfect with a not too early start, also being in Al Qudra is was only a short 25min drive from home to reach the meeting point.
It was great to see such a good turnout. The General @Barish completed the attendance and split the group into 2 convoys. I was in the convoy of the newest 5- Newbies to be lead by @giorgio with @mpodroid as 2nd lead in his new FJ for the first time. We had @Victoria sweeping also in her newly acquired FJ (congrats to you both) we had the master Marshal @Barish as our floating guardian – who was called on many times to direct the recovery operations. I was positioned toward the end of the convoy with fellow intermediate @CARLOSS toward the front half of the group, where we were able to quickly assist with recoveries as needed.
It was a great area for the new drivers to develop a better understanding of their cars capabilities and their own capabilities behind wheel. We had a number of 2nd tries and the inevitable stuck/crested cars to recover during the course of the drive as the drivers came to grips with the terrain and how to get the right mix correct speed, momentum and control required to overcome the obstacles. As mentioned the skills the newbies need to work on are control, following distance and very importantly radio communication – remember the radio is used to communicate when situations occur and to advise other drivers when you have successfully cleared an area and it is safe for them to follow. For safety reasons the radio is not for general chit chat during the drive – this you can do during the breaks or at the end of the drive.
Overall it was a great morning in the dunes and was great to see the new drivers start to sharpen their skills. Looking forward to the up coming Ramadan night Drives, Grand iftar etc.
See you all again next time.
Until the next Adventure

Wasp VII
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