Stars Track XII

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Start Track XII

A big number of participants got together at the meeting point. marshal's accepted to include all the members in the waiting list which resulted to increase the convoy's from 2 to 3. Kudos to the intermediates and advance drivers who are always loyal and ready to support.

I was assigned to lead the lower level our of the 3 convoys with @brett been my second lead and @Gabor sweeping while @baris was floating keeping everybody inline and safe.

Aim of this drive was to interduce the members to Arches and straight side crests, while they had to start using their radio and maintaining a safe distance while they are attempting climbs and descents.

The convoy overall did great with minor issues and a great flow that I believe gave the opportunity to all members to enjoy their Friday morning drive.

Special thanks again to @brett which had his hands more full than the usual and the rest of the supporting team. I would also like to thank all the drivers for their great performance and for considering 100% our club's safety rules (something that we don't see always on a lower level drives) and last but not least the organizer and floating marshal @baris who kept everyone in order.

Looking forward to see you all again on the up coming drives.
Until then drive safe.
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Hello guys,

It was a true pleasure to be part of the first Almost4x4 drive for Lisa and myself.

The instructions are very much appreciated and I hope we will be able to stay on longer next time as the front swaybar link bolt jumped whereby we where offered great assistance in recovery to the road.

We are looking forward to the next drive 👍

Best regards
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Hi Almosters, another amazing newbie drive full of learnings. We were accompanied by our sponsor BFG media team for their 2022 marketing campaign, they ended up with a good problem to have which was the huge amount of media files, more than 1220 photos and videos in less than 3 hours.
They were fascinated when they saw the large number of cars at meeting point and the level of coordination required to have such an amazing successful and safe trip.

I was assigned to Rashid convoy where we had members with more than 5 trips, everyone did very well.

enjoy the video:
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Hello Everyone

It was a beautiful morning with a gentle temperature. The crowd was good that is why the marshals divided them to 3 convoys.

I got the chance to lead one of the two fresh newbies and we had a smooth drive. Unfotuently, we had to say GoodBye for two members due to technical issues that is why we always say " please check your car before offroading "

During the drive, we had some breaks to sit down chit and share hot drinks and cookies but of course, we had some moments of action too :yarr:

Overall, you guys/girls did very well and I'm looking forward to drive with you soon

P.S: I promised the newbies if they finished the 5 drives then I'll take them to Liwa in February.

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My first drive as a newbie started with me having issues deflating one of my tires. The threads on my valve were bad and the pin wouldn’t budge using the EZ Deflator or using the deflator pens.
I heard the roll call and was assigned to the convoy with @alshamsi_m with @Tomvanhouten as support and @haider alnuaimi as the sweeper. I delayed the convoy heading out with my deflating issues. @alshamsi_m had a 4 way valve tool that was used to manually deflate. I got a lot of info about my car and what PSI to be on and why.

Once we were deflated I was towards the back of the convoy following tom. We set off and had smooth sailing while climbing the dunes. I had a moment where i was climbing a small dune but my car fishtailed off the climb and I was 'stuck' in a delicate position. @alshamsi_m helped get me & my car out and taught me about what to do in that situation and how to get out.
When we set off again, we got to try a little bit of side cresting.
After that we had a break and got to learn a lot about how dunes are formed, how the lead can read the dune formations and a lot more. After that we reached a technical area and that section was a learning experience for all the newbies in the drive. We got to see first hand the benefit of having a skid plate and I learnt about how to maneuver when heading downhill & that its better to have multiple tries vs flying grin .

I felt the back tires of my car would not want to stay on the track in a lot of the non technical areas so I need to look into that.
Overall it was an excellent learning experience for me and I look forward to learning a lot more.
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Hello Almost Family,

Another happiness day last Friday!

I appreciated fact that I was accepted to this drive. @Barish surely did a lot of work to accommodate close to 30 newbies!! Lucky to be part of it and thanks to all the marshals and support team who made it happen @Rashidjass @alshamsi_m @giorgio @Ehab @Tomvanhouten @Mahmoodyasin... to name a few... For sure there were a lot more but I just remember the begining and then my convoy! Thank you.

I had the chance to be behind @Rashidjass and follow his path... He made a great nice and smooth ride testing our skills in front cresting, breaking on time, no tailfishing, calling up the radio, no fight with my #pajeronemesis (gravity), no flying!!

It was excellent to repeat in my head and on the wheel the movements and how to fine tune the steering and acceleration.

The best lesson on this drive... I discovered that removing the additional mat under my feet gave me some extra power and I made me feel very dumb for not realizing that 12 trips ago... TO All Newbies: never stop learning and being curios on your car... It is a silly thing but the mat that came with car was 8 mm thick and my pedal was never reaching the floor!!!! OMG OSMILEY ... No words for this... Literally downgraded my #pajero A Lot... Specially whenever Ireally needed to floor it.. %@)#(@_@&&&%%

That was a real lesson!!

All the best and see you in the sand!

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Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank @Barish , who organized this great drive and @alshamsi_m , who took the lead of our ride and serve us great home made cookies , Karak tea and Arabic coffee:) it was a great drive and also great lesson for me.

Coming from the track drives, I always like to drive cars at their limits but what I realize during this ride, I don’t have the experience on desert as I had on track. So as a result I learned it the hard way. Even if I know the concepts in and out, applying it to the real life is a different thing, that’s where experiences plays a crucial role.

I did pretty okay, no stucks or big issues till the last dune:( . In the last dune, White Pajero in front of me crested on the dune and not to be crested I gave more gas than I should and I learned flying with car. Of course in theory I know it is always better to get stuck then flying but couldn’t put that one in the real life. Lucky my front skid plate took most of the damage but my whole rear rims bended so bad, it can’t be repaired🤭So lesson learned very very well, and I hope in the future I can adjust the right amount of pressure on gas and breaks .
So Cost wise I had to rectify the front skid plate as it is totally damaged, costing 1.000 Aed. And changing whole rims and tyres to Off-road versions which cost around 7.000 aed more😂 Anyhow I wanted to change stock rims and tires so I am not so sorry about it but as it is a brand new pajero just at 5.000km I believe I should be much more careful 😄.

Thanks guys, I always appreciate knowledge and experience, which I believe I will have in this great community.

Kind regards.
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