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Dear Members,

In any business operation we have a procedure which is consist of three steps:
1. Plan
2. Execute
3. Report

Reporting is very important for the organization because it is a reflection of what is happening on the ground and it helps the management to rectify any future plans to be executed better next time.

In our forum as you can see that we have TRIP REPORTER as a separate forum in the Trips & Events Lounge which means that reporting is as much as important as the other forums for the following reasons:
1. It is more fun after you had your experience on the day out with us to share what you came a cross because every car & driver has a unique story for the same trip.
2. In a way it helps to improve your English and this is one of the things that you learn by driving with a club (we told you that we are more than just driving).
3. Marshals are just members like you but they are doing a voluntarily job by helping you develop your skills. They spend a lot of TIME & MONEY for the sake to give back to this community without asking for payback. It is our job as a community to say THANK YOU to them for their sacrifice.
4. As part of our upgrading terms and conditions. You have to be an active member on our FORUM specially for intermediates & Advance members, so if you don’t start a good topic or participate effectively in a conversation and you don’t report in a trip then you are not an ACTIVE MEMBER (You are just a liability).

I don’t know how to write a report!!
We are not expecting that everyone will be an expert in reporting. Especially if it is not your mother tongue language or you don’t have the skills for it. Still we do appreciate the effort.

Dos & Don’ts
1. Do support your report with (pictures, videos & creative ideas).
2. Write a trip report. It is the others right is to know about citrine types of drives we have like (Catch me if you can or Eggs Basket etc.)
3. Don’t try to over thank the marshal, They don’t like sugar coating .
4. Don’t try to analyze off-roading as an expert because it might be too early for you to give ideas and you might not have full picture about off-roading.
5. Don’t repeat yourself in every trip report again & again (think out of the box).

As you can see that our forum is not full of un related topics to off-roading because we don’t want unnecessary subjects to increase the number of threads. On the other hand , we believe that we are THE MOST ACTIVE ON FIELD club in UAE, So as a community we need to share our THOUGHT & OPINIONS.

Best Regards
M. Al Shamsi
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