Birds of Prey - Ladies Drive

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Hey ladies!

It is our turn to have a fun day in the desert!!

This introductory drive is intended for ladies who would like to experience driving in the desert. I am sure we already have a few who were patiently waiting in the passenger seats and any new faces are more than welcome to join.

This drive, BFs, husbands, and kids are optional!!

Please check the links below for detailed information on Almost4x4, our grading system, and tools you`ll need for Newbie level upgrade.

About Almost4x4 Off-Road Club
Members' Grading System
Newbie Tools / Recovery Equipment

To register please follow this LINK.

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Soooo exciting. Cant wait.

Sign me up.
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This sounds great! Please sign me up for it as well.

Thank you, Laura
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Hi Almost4x4 team,,

I sent the below email to 02 March 2020.

When setting up the account for
User: JANA
Email: l*****@******.com
We made a mistake and clicked on the button for the birth date ‘On or after 01 Mar 2007’. The birth date for JANA is before 01 March 2007. I registered for the drive which worked but it also seems the account is not fully activated.

As I did not get an answer I set up a new account with the User 'JanaL' and email 'j***********@********.de' to join the drive. However, now the site says the convoy is full and I can't join anymore.

I am still on the participant list with the user 'Jana'. I excited to join the drive and want to ensure I get the information where to meet for the drive. I will definitely be there.


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