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Tue May 14, 2019 11:44 am

Hello everyone!

This was an awesome awesome experience! First time for me to drive in the night with the club though had few night drives privately before. This drive is pretty special as literally I finished the install of the LED lights the night before (around 11PM). Always wanted to do DIY projects. When the trip was announced I was determined to finished the job (and ordered the lights online). The result of the work paid off. Minor adjustments were needed and the drive was a good test of the install and alignment.

Driving in the evening is both scary and fun. The scary part goes away when you have a good team with you that you know will be there if you have any issue.

@alshamsi_m gave the briefing. The briefing was very clear and on point. It is very well planned. I am with @alshamsi_m‘s convoy and we started first. The order was newbie and then intermediate in the drive as we have almost the same count that joined the drive. This resulted in a trouble free drive as everyone did very well and enjoyed the drive. We completed the plan for 2 hours (maybe early by few minutes) to Fossil Rock from Al Badayer. There was one part were I lost the track as we were near the mountain and a lot of vegetation is there.

At the end of the drive we had few minutes to chitchat in Fossil Rock enjoying the night sky and watching the convoy 2 led by @Barish to join us.

Tonight will be the 2nd part of the night drives and very excited to do it again.

Thanks to all that organized and participated! Stay safe and see you in the sand!

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