Friday Funday 1

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Mon May 06, 2019 3:38 pm

Friday Funday 1,

Timing of the name given to this drive was perfect. “Funday1” and it’s the first drive to lead for our new explorers, perfect! …. thumbsup

I was supporting the convoy which was led by Agalon, Luca as second lead, Jose as sweeper, Jock and myself were floating around.

It was a mixed convoy with all kinds of vehicles, heaviest to the lightest ones. Few minutes into the drive gave us some feeling that the tire pressure seems to be a bit high in few cars and a message relayed on radio by jock advising drivers to cross check the tire pressures. Flow was smooth initially till Agalon started presenting some light challenges to the drivers to learn new skills.

We got few stuck in a little span of time and rescue was done by Luca and Jose. As the temp went up, the upper crest of the sand was becoming softer and softer. At one section, the only rangi in our convoy got stuck on a flat section, with no good ground left, either at the front or back for the recovery car to pull him. It was then decided to pull from the back and go down to the left of the dune which will help the pulling car to use its own weight as well. Thanks to brave Luca to use his SWB Pajero to pull that heavy car. After 2 – 3 pulls (due to limited ground), we heard a loud thud from Luca’s car. wtfsmilie ....Something is gone. By that time Luca’s car was already on the slope. Jock instructed Jose to bring his car in front of Luca (train style) and the recovery was successful.

Lately, we moved with some changes in the convoy with Jose as second lead and Luca (in 2wd) as last car. All in all the drive was good and perfectly crafted for the level by Agalon (nice lead bro).

Thanks to Luca and Jose for doing the recoveries and Jock for keeping check on everything.

Till next time, see ya…
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Mon May 06, 2019 6:54 pm

Hello all,

thanks to Marshals effort and support team for making this drive smooth. I joined the 5- convoy lead by @Barish with support from @Solmaz and @presa.

@Barish lead the convoy through the Faqa area with a nice zig zag line and arches.

We had couple of second trials and recovery, but overall I believe our convoy did very well, by keeping the communication and distance thing in mind.

It was fun to drive with you guys, See you all on the next Friday - Fun Day




Best regards,
Katim Badr
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Tue May 07, 2019 6:36 pm

Hi Almosters
Friday trip was well organized and the location was fun as well.
We were split into 3 groups and for a change lead by the new explorers.
Baris was the lead for our group, the briefing was very clear and concise, group was supported by solmaz, Danillo and Nabil with johanna as the 2nd lead.
Although me loving the challenge and enjou a relatively fast drive, baris was very wise to make a slow build up of the difficulty level, that tested few of us and taught the others of patience. Few wise tips were passed on along the way by our well experienced marshaller solmaz.
Even though there were a few who got stuck and one strayed away from the flock , we still managed to make it back on time.
While the repetitive climb was underway, i was tempted 🥴 to tailgate nabil, who grabbed the opportunity to carry out cresting to have fun of his own.
It was a fun filled drive with mix of most of the ingredients.
All in all a great work done by Baris, support by Solmaz , Danillo and Nabil.... and a special thanks to the organizer Jok for making it happen.

Mahmood yasin
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Wed May 08, 2019 9:47 am

Hello everyone,

This drive look like all newbie in as we have all the newbie level convoys are presented , and after the attendance taken by @JockJKU he divided almoster newbie in to 5-, 10- and 10+, i was drive with @Barish convoy as sweeper , @Solmaz, @presa as floating and @Johanna as 2nd lead.
The track well selected by @Barish for such level with little upgrading for them to include some nice arch and everyone was happy with these new things to build up desert driving experience for them OSMILEY . some of them was driving for 2nd or 3rd time so that to lead non-expert drivers was the most difficult for the leader @Barish you did very well and everyone safe and had enjoy the drive and for you its look like make diet you have all the food in front of you but you have to eat salad and soup graffiti .
My advice for the 5- newbies that if you replace your tires with large engraved tires ( All terrain A/T ) you will feel very good traction and that will make your climbing and doing arch on dune more stable as most of 5- attend this drive they had normal street tires and that for sure not for sand so that some of you feel the sliding, fish tile and slipping .
thanks everyone and God bless you all .
Nabil Almhanna
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Wed May 08, 2019 6:57 pm

Friday Fun, it was my 1st drive a support & was looking forward to it, any drive with the club is always fun.

We met at the meeting point & there were a lot of new faces that I have never seen, but as usual the greetings were warm. We did the drills as usual & waited for the briefing. We were called together & were introduced to the new explorers, @Barish , @Agalon , @Scorpio & @presa . We also had cake because it was @Scorpio s birthday earlier the week.

The convoys were dealt in & I was in @Scorpio 's convoy with @Thiago as support & @Rashidjass floating around. I had a passenger with me that has never done any offroad driving before. I explained to him how the ranking system works in the club & how the drives are called.

The pace was nice with not too many issues. @Thiago was in the middle & I was at the back. We came to a tricky little dune that caught out @Tekton & left him in a very awkward place. I made my first rookie support mistake, told him to turn left, for him to turn left he needed to turn right to go left (going backwards). He turned left & his situation became a bit worse, but he quickly figure out what I meant & turned right & moved safely down to the bottom of the dune, did a second try & went over the dune without any effort. It was my turn to cross the dune, did not have enough speed & momentum & bailed quickly to the horror of my passenger that used some language I cannot use in my trip report grin . We did a 2nd take & sailed over the dune. We ran up some dunes, made a u-turn & headed down again. There were a few nice climbs & we sat & watched everybody taking turns running up the dunes. I told him that our drive was a 10/10+ drive, but according to him it was not a newbie drive.

The rest of the drive went very well with really little to no issues. Following distances was good overall & radio comms was also good.

Thank you @Scorpio for a nice track & @Rashidjass for looking after us. It was another successful fun drive with Alomost4X4.

Till we meet in the sand again, take care.

Nobody Gets Left Behind
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Sat May 11, 2019 4:20 pm

Sorry for the delay.
It was my first drive as support team. It was really good and really different this way.
@Scorpio put a really good proper 10+ drive for us and i had a lot of fun.
I was having a little trouble with my new power steering pump that is way more responsive that my old one and it took a little while to get used to it.
The drivers did pretty good and we didn't have any major issues in the drive, it was very easy to be support because i didn't have to do practically nothing.

Thank you for the opportunity to be there.
White JK Rubicon
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