Cresting Mania Drive

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Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:23 pm

Hello Everyone ,

This drive was dedicated to the old intermediate and at the moment i know about that drive was all places was token , i was really feel bad until high sprite of @Phoenix he given me his place thanks brother i really appreciated .
The briefing given by @Rashidjass " Guys you know this area cool " then @giorgio was second lead , @Scorpio as sweeper and @JockJKU was the eagle eye floating over the convoy. The drive was very fast and without warming up as usual of @Rashidjass drive killzonesmiley with uncounted cresting over high dunes , the track was selected perfectly divided in three zone of high dunes and back to the same start point at the end of the drive. i feel it was mixed between Chase the LAVA 3.0 and Chase the LAVA 4.0 both in one drive ka boom .
We had second try, stuck and pop out and that was good indicator for the level of drive to the leading marshal killzonesmiley . well everyone was happy and comfortable for the drive level .
Thanks @Rashidjass for this amazing drive its really unforgettable drive , and thanks to @JockJKU for supporting and made the drive happened, and thanks to everyone god bless you all .
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Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:42 am

Cresting Mania:

A Sweihan drive in the same area where Lava and its pilot love to blow steam out.

This was not a planned drive but rather a generous bonus drive which was put together
by @Rashidjass and @JockJKU in their effort to feed the hungry pack of the older intermediates. Thank you guys for the consideration and efforts. This drive was well needed as the last few weeks we were busy with the All Lead drives. On the All lead drives the challenge is to practice navigation and leading skills it is a challenge on a different way than a intermediate level drive.

On this drive i had my daughter as a passenger ( finally someone else except me from my family had the courage to follow) and in out way to the meeting point we met @Issa and after feeling up on the last gas station we drove to the final destination.

Most of the drivers were already there chatting and joking. With all members been on time the briefing (which was one the shortest ever) took place and we all took off for the drive.

Most of us were familiar with the area as this is one of Lava's favorite area. The chosen terrain apparently is a hot spot and many other clubs are driving there. So from the get go we found ourselves surrounded by other drivers and @Rashidjass with @JockJKU support was trying to navigate avoiding clashes.

As @Nabil mentioned the signature move of out guardian angel of no warm up did not surprises us but we got to loose our first car before we even climb our first dune.

@Issa called in his first second try and soon after he had to aboard the drive with a driveshaft issue.

After the latter incident and the short delay the convoy took of again.

The drive composition Intel: Big dunes, sharp crests and descents, patches of soft sand hidden ditches and all these were tackled on a high speed. This drive was clearly one of those that either you have done your homework or you will be in trouble.

In this drive we had a kind of an unusual convoy set up with @Rashidjass been the lead car myself been placed as a second lead and the new intermediates placed at the end of the convoy. I will have to take my hat on the two newcomers as they perform exceptional well ( personal opinion) in comparison with the level of the drive.

As the drive was going on the paste was intentionally been kept on high mode and the leader was not leaving crest untouched. The adrenaline was rushing high and we were all pushing hard to keep up.

Few second tries through the drive as it is expected was the major issues, radio communication was limited and only when it was needed but over all there were not any unnecessary delays. It was pure driving jumping from crest to crest flattening every top of a dune that it was in our way or not.

The leader was kind enough to call for a couple of breaks and give a chance to the drivers to enjoy @Hakkoum advice about dessert driving and cars. Having @Hakkoum on a drive is fun on a different level you really dont know if you want to commit a crime or enjoy more of him and his amazingly endless chatting. Love you @Hakkoum

So as I was saying in the second break and as we were set to take off i could not engage my first gear. Simply the gear box got stubborn and did not want to except any gear. I tried every thing i disengage the 4x4 i try all the gears but nothing. At this point i asked from @Saeed FJ to help me push the car just in case something was stuck, Thank you buddy for the support but again nothing helped.

At that moment i remembered that this had happen again and the solution last time was to shut the car and start it again. Sure enough it worked for one more time. I was happy that the solution was an easy fix and the convoy continued its adventure.

My problem was temporary fixed as little later during the drive changing gears was a challenge to a point that at the end i was only driving on second gear having lost the ability to shift down to first. This detail made driving more difficult but not impossible. I had to adjust my driving to accommodate this handicap situation but the fact that the drive was fast it worked to my advantage and i was keeping up with the convoy relatively easy.

Not having the fist gear in some moments it was a struggle and the unavoidable happened. On one of the many big climbs with a sharp crest i got crested like a seated duck. I climb the crest with high speed knowing that i dont have my first gear, reaching the top i was too fast so i had to relax the accelerator so i don,t fly but the moment i hit the top of the crest my speed went from hero to zero. This is were i needed the first gear I quickly tried to down swift hoping that i will be lucky but it took more time than needed to actually have the gear engaged and I ended it up calling for support.

@Rashidjass at no time placed Lava to perform the recovery ( an FJ rescuing a jeep is a thing that never gets old) and in no time we were off again to our drive.

Soon after that one of the drivers got a pop out that was again fixed in no time and we continue driving.

The time was passing and it we had to exit before dark but not before @Rashidjass give to the convoy one last dune that pretty much put most of the convoy in trouble.

The drive ended as always with all the drivers and most of the cars out on the tarmac safe and sound, with smiles in our faces and satisfied.

My opinion is that we all did a great job that led to drives leader and support enjoy the afternoon drive.

Closing my report I would like to that the organizer as well as @JockJKU who was there in every step keeping us in line with his feedback through radio communication. Congratulations to the new intermediates for keeping up and looking forward to have more drives like this one in the near future.

Until next time drive safe and have fun.
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Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:48 am

Morning All!

There are a few ways to drive Sweihan area and a few levels that can be driven here!

I will call the level of this drive "Full Fat Sweihan", it was not Sweihan Lite, or Diet Sweihan. It was a good, solid, mid to high level inter drive!

The convoy in general did pretty good with just a few minor stops for second tries, a popout and @giorgio glorious cresting which i had to fly to catch up and see!!!

Still some problem in the middle of the convoy with distance but in general the flow felt pretty good!

Thank you to @Rashidjass for being available and making the lead!!

Great drive and great fun!

Till next time,

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Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:52 pm

Hello Everyone,

After the morning drive and a heavy lunch I came to this drive’s meeting point and took a 30 min power nap 2 z Z . As mentioned in the earlier trip reports that it was a bonus drive arranged by marshals to feed old inters grin .

We had @Rashidjass as our organizer and the lead car. @giorgio was placed as the 2nd lead and I was the sweeper on this convoy. @JockJKU was our floating marshal keeping an eye on the convoy.

Within 5 min of the drive start, @Issa’s jeep had some mechanical issue and he had to park it at the meeting point. I offered him my passenger seat and the FJ experience arr. thumbsup . Well, it was a super fun drive and Rashidjass was on fire. At the back being the sweeper, I used to get all chewed up tracks, whether it is a high climb followed by an arch or followed by a side crest; but it had its own fun and challenge :twisted: . The convoy flowed smoothly most of the time except for some 2nd tries, a pop-out and a couple of stuck cars. Lava was targeting every sharp and high crests that were coming on its way. The drive required full focus on the track, car throttle, momentum and angle to reach to those high sharp crests. Everyone did well in my opinion and I enjoyed sweeping the convoy.

At around 0545, Rashidjass asked if anyone wants to leave but no one was interested in leaving Sweihan before the sunset so, the drive continued with the same pace and level. By utilizing the sweeper position, I was floating around a little sometime and was doing a little longer crests and a little longer arches and climbs :lol: ; sweihan is such a tempting area Psmiley .

It was a super fun afternoon and a day well spent in the sand.

Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did and added another fantastic drive to your account.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.

@Issa , hope you enjoyed the ride have a nice day

Cheers 8-)
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Wed May 01, 2019 5:28 pm

Hello everyone!

This trip was thrilling from the time of joining all the way to the exit point, that moment when you see yourself the newest intermediate among all the heavy weight big boys.. well ,,except for @rapailo , he was only few inter drives older Image

I reached the meeting point together with @Abu Odai and found marshals, support and some members are already there! Few moments later, the meeting point got crowded by the hungry inters, all of them ready for the action, telling stories about how much they love this area and that they were starving for such a drive... I was like ImageImage especially when @JockJKU giving commentary like "this is going to be a full fat drive"
@Rashidjass kicked off the drive by going straight into a crest, few more crest before on of the Jeeps started crying ImageImage l..
Afterwards, the convoy moved in a very fast pace, not leaving any crest behind and some times taking same crest both ways.
I felt I did well in most of the drive, except in a couple of incidents one when the FJ got bellied where I should have taken a different and fresher track. Also there is one place @Rashidjass lead us into an amazing track with combo moves like you do an arch followed by a sharp crest and then another bowl, you can't imagine the faces of all the enters after finishing this combo, actually its similar to the Hot Wheels toy. (Photo attached)
@JockJKU decided to innovate another track so he did another combo,,, Rashidjass decided to to have the convoy following Jock's track Image. So I did the first part, but on the second, the car slide down before doing the needed climb so I couldn't do it Image

I learned a lot in this drive, mainly:
- If you learn the core principles of off-roading well, as I assume I did with Almost4x4, you will be able to mange higher level trips with much more confidence.
- Reading the dunes is important even if you are in a convoy. You shouldn't just follow the tracks. I understand why the All Lead trips are important for inters
- @rapailo is the smallest size in his family.
- A trip with @giorgio and @Hakkoum present is highly recommended.Image

Finally thanks to @Rashidjass for organizing this trip, @JockJKU for your support to make this trip happen and @Scorpio for your support.

See you soon!
M AbubakerImage

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Sun May 05, 2019 11:23 am

Hey Almosters,

Unfortunately after our fun Fridays, life takes over and sometimes there's no time for a report.

BUT as the saying goes, better late than never!

Sweihan is an area where i would say I've had some of my favourite drives and experiences with Almost4x4 (Chase the Lava, All Lead, Solo Challenge), and now to add one more drive which probably was the best of them all. ORLY

The plan for the drive was @Rashidjass leading an experienced Inter convoy, so I decided to reach the meeting point early after the morning drive and get some rest so I can be focused. 2 z Z

After all the familiar faces arrived, we had a short briefing and were ready to go.

Initially there was an mechanical initial issue with a jeep and had to be left at start point, but after that the convoy flow was amazing with minimal stops or delays.

The track was spectacular with constant high speed side cresting on some of the biggest dunes I've seen in Sweihan. The overall feel & drive style felt similar to Bu Tais, sometimes I would forget what area we were in. yuush

I really hope we could visit this place more often!

Thanks again to @Rashidjass & @JockJKU for organizing such a memorable drive. in love

See you all soon. pacman
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Mon May 13, 2019 10:18 pm

Good evening everyone

Cresting Mania what a surprise dive thank you very much to our great marshal @Rashidjass for organizing the drive and marshals @JockJKU for supporting the drive and the convoy and keeping an eye on us, thanks to Almost4x4 to keep the faith in his place every time

I will leave you with my video report as usual hope you like it

Till next time stay safe
See you on the sand
Abu Madi
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Tue May 14, 2019 7:57 am

Saeed FJ wrote:
Mon May 13, 2019 10:18 pm
Good evening everyone

Cresting Mania what a surprise dive thank you very much to our great marshal @Rashidjass for organizing the drive and marshals @JockJKU for supporting the drive and the convoy and keeping an eye on us, thanks to Almost4x4 to keep the faith in his place every time

I will leave you with my video report as usual hope you like it

Till next time stay safe
See you on the sand
Great video buddy better than any kind of a report
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