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Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:29 pm

Hello everyone,

This certainly is an event not to be missed by anyone, should you wish to be a safer off-roader.

The trip reports speak for themselves, and I am glad everyone had fun while learning.

See you in the sand soon.



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Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:45 pm

This drive was different from the others since we had a theory session and a desert ‘lab test’ side to it. Thanks @Abu Jimmy for organizing this event and @alshamsi_m for the valuable information shared with the group. We covered safety equipment uses and maintenance, common stuck scenarios, safe recovery strategies and personal insights from the marshals. The group had some good questions and we even managed to remind Bu Salem of an old rope technique he used in the past. After all the valuable information from the theory class, I was so excited and full of ideas walking back to my ride…. You see I had managed to get stuck even before the RTM began. I found the right patch of soft sand near the briefing point to get stuck. So now going back I’m thinking I should get myself out in a jiffy…. Well I guess I did, but only to get stuck a few meters away. Every time I reverse and get myself unstuck and switch off the A-Trac I found myself stuck again. Finally my partner for the day @Mabubaker pulled me out. By the time I’d stowed the rope I was excited to begin. So I jumped in, threw the transmission into 2 and literally floored it: heavy foot + 35psi + soft patch = ur stuck again. A-Trac to the rescue again and after a good 35 minutes of this drama I finally manage to get myself to the area where everyone was playing. Now I’m trying to get myself crested but I keep going through the dunes without any problem. I would get stuck a bit in some places but was able to free myself by using common sense – no shovel was used in the process. After some time driving around, seeing the different scenarios around me I decide to get back to the spectators. Well that is when I get stuck at the bottom of a dune. Lucky for me @Kris_K was passing by and offered to pull me out. I then decided the time was right to deflate. By the time I was done, the bonus drive with @Daggerfall was on. A short yet fun drive. Thanks @Kals for calling out and confirming what could have been a careless moment.

Lessons learned: listen for the tic-tic-tic (can be good or bad depending on the scenario), tunnel of light when crested like a whale, how to safely use the recovery equipment (metal to metal/pin to rope), remember basic physics and its role at all times, calmness and patience are your best friends when stuck, feed the marshals first and last but not least Toyota A-Trac is superb!

Thank you founder, organizer, marshal, advance, intermediate and everyone else for yet another wonderful day in the desert. See you in the sand…
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Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:27 pm

Did they mention bring lots of water..... grin

That was the message going round the week ob the chat, water, water & more water.

We met at the meeting point & waited for everyone to arrive. The campers joined & we had a short briefing & then moved to the "playground". I nearly got stuck heading to the "classroom", some of my fellow drivers was not that lucky & did get stuck before we reached the "classroom".

@alshamsi_m & @Abu Jimmy was the "teachers" & the shared their years of knowledge of driving in the sand. I personally learned a lot & questions that I had in my mind were answered. They showed us how to recover stuck cars in different scenarios & what not to do. After the lecture it play time, we each chose a buddy & off we went to get stuck.

@Kris_K & myself teamed up & were on our way. Some of the other drivers did not get very far before getting stuck. We went over lots of dunes & laughed because we did not get crested, then it happen, we both got stuck on the flat ground like our fellow drivers grin . @Abu Jimmy pulled in, grinned at me & said that we can now deflate & try self recovery. @Kris_K managed to get out, but I did a good job & he had to recover me. A hard pull as described in the lecture & I was out & looking for a dune to get crested. It did not take long before I found a nice one & parked Asterix on his belly. @Booy pulled with a large grin on his face & said, "Now you dig". He stayed for a while giving some more advice left left us. Did I mention bring lots of water thumbsup . Eventually we had Asterix cleared & i was able to drive off.

We headed back to the "classroom" & found a few fellow drivers still stuck there. Eventually everybody got out & we regrouped & went for a quick drive.

Thank you to all the marshalls, advance & inters that drove around giving advice & laughing at us that got stuck. I believe everybody that drives offroad need to attend such a lecture on how to recover a vehicle safely.

Till we meet in the sand again, stay safe my friends.

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Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:27 pm

Hello Almosters,

RTM was really a very insightful event. I strongly believe everyone should attend it once as participant or audience regardless of his/her level. ORLY

@alshamsi_m & @Abu Jimmy explained in great detail about all the tools and methods used in recoveries, different situations you would encounter, and all types of "watch-outs" to keep in mind.

Afterwards, the participants had a chance to apply the theory they just learnt. During this, I got the chance to take some pics of the action. (link: ) playingsmiley

As a newbie I had observed dozens of recoveries which is how I learnt how to perform them.
However learning from this event provides a much better understanding of the physics and thought process behind it, and overall will make you a much safer rescuer. thumbsup

Thank you @alshamsi_m & @Abu Jimmy for sharing your knowledge and experience.

See you all soon. in love
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Sat May 11, 2019 2:25 pm

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