Trip discipline & compliance rules !!

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By agreeing to register for this trip you have read, understood and agreed to the Almost4x4 Off-Road Club Indemnity.

During this trip, everyone must obey by the rules as laid down by the Leading Marshal/Explorer. You declare and agree on the following:

1. I wish to voluntarily participate in the trips, or any event, which has been organized by

2. I understand that off-roading is hazardous and an extreme sport and that I am voluntarily exposing myself to the risk of personal injury or death by participating in the event.

3. I understand that challenging and timing is prohibited and that the purpose of the day is to improve my driving skills off-road whilst having due consideration for the safety of others.

4. I understand that other members will also participate in the event at the same time.

5. I understand that I must comply by rules and safety standards as requested on the day.

6. I understand that may not carry insurance in respect of any liability, which might arise out of an event, and that my own vehicle, third party and public liability insurance (if any), is unlikely to cover me for my losses or liabilities but that such insurance is available from specialist brokers.

7. I am competent and able to take part and that my eyesight (with lenses if worn) is adequate for off-road events use.

8. I do not suffer from any medical condition or disability that may make it unsafe for me to participate in the event, or safely operate a vehicle. I am not taking any drugs that will impair my ability to take part.

9. Any vehicle for which I am responsible and/or which I will use during the event is safe and in good condition and of suitable mechanical condition.

10. I hold the correct license for the size and type of vehicle being used on the event. This license enables me to ride on the public roads in the UAE, and is issued by a competent authority

11. I will not participate in the event whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.

12. I (including myself, my personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, legal representatives and successors) agree to make no claim, sue, or hold liable ALMOST4X4.COM , its founders, marshals, members, or any one involved in the event including supporting individuals, companies and agents in respect of any loss or injury suffered by me during the event and to indemnify them against their costs and losses arising out of any claim made against them or any of them by anyone to the extent that such costs and losses are attributable directly or indirectly to my participation in the event.

13. I, the undersigned acknowledge that the information provided in this form is true.

14. I did register my name with an off-roading recovery service (i.e. IATC)

15. All participants will follow the route of the leader UNLESS you as an individual do not feel it is within your capacity to do so, in this case you will stop and seek assistance.

16. The trip timing is determined by the trip organizer. NO ONE should leave the desert alone before the end of the trip, and then, only when accompanied by a Marshal/Explorer. If the trip does not fit in with your own timeframe, should you attend in the first place? Vehicle is to be mechanically sound and MUST be fitted with recovery points.

17. It is the responsibility of the driver to determine whether it is safe to take passengers, especially children on a trip by trip basis. Young children MUST be seated in an approved car seat in the rear of the vehicle, OR securely fastened with seat belts in their own designated rear seat, and not sitting on drivers/ passengers laps.

18. Strict convoy positions and spacing is to be followed at all times.

19. Free play and Showing off is not allowed at any time during the trip, unless in a designated "Play Area" identified by the leader. During this time the Leading Marshal will organize the queue for dune climbing or side sloping. No one is allowed to play alone outside of the " Play Area "
If you have children with you, you MUST supervise them at all times and keep them away from any "Play Area" Children WILL NOT be allowed in parents cars who are taking part in the "Play Time" and will be supervised by the organizing Marshal or an appropriate adult.

20. Recovery of a stuck vehicle is the sole responsibility of the Sweeper OR other person designated by the Leader. No one else will interfere with the recovery unless specifically asked to do so by the Sweeper or Leading Marshal. This may not apply during Newbie instruction trips, when you will be given a chance to learn & practice recovery techniques.

21. The ONLY people allowed to drive at the side of a convoy are Marshals who will be assessing people on their driving skills and to offer advice and assistance to the leading Marshal or designated trip leader

22. I have read, understood and will comply with all regulations, any supplemental regulations and final instructions given by the ALMOST4X4.COM and this form is valid and shall remain in full legal force unless notified and signed by both parties involved

Failure to follow the above rules will result in the offending member being verbally warned by the Leading Marshal. Any re-occurrence will result in the offending member receiving Black Points which will automatically lead to a ban from further trips for a designated period decided by the Committee.

These rules are for your safety & the safety of everyone else on the trip and your co-operation is appreciated.

Have fun & see you all in the sand.
The Management
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I understood the Rules and regulations.

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