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The Buddy System is a procedure in which two people, the buddies, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. In adventurous or dangerous activities, where the buddies are often equals, the main benefit of the system is improved safety; each may be able to prevent the other becoming a casualty or rescue the other in a crisis. (Ref. Wikipedia)

What does this procedure mean in our Almost4x4 Off-Road Club? What we shall do and what we shall not do?

In some of our Intermediate and Advanced trips we used this practice and actually what we saw, convinced us to write this little blog.

Applying this system in many of our trips, we desire to build up the off-road skills of Almost4x4 Club drivers, to achieve the maximum safety and enhance the confidence of all members. Our deserts in UAE are different in nature, profile and required skills. Our objective is to have many drivers with superb off-roading expertise, to be able to teach youngsters, and who are competent to add values to other fellow off-roaders.

What Buddy System requires in Almost4x4 Off-Road Club
(In different situations, both drivers can have similar skills, or be different in different skills)

  • Setup a joint team of two, which can communicate together to achieve the target
  • Decide on the roles in their team; who is in the lead of these two drivers, within the segment of the convoy
  • To decide on, who is the leader for the challenge (when driving alone, not in the convoy with other club members)
  • To develop a plan and stick to this plan, to achieve the goals indicated by The Leading Marshal
  • Drive according to their skills, where the weakest driver determines the level (when driving alone, not in the convoy with other club members)
  • Buddies are rescued by themselves and by their own tools and equipment
  • Rescue each other, without support of 3rd parties (on the level of Intermediate by the Marshal’s supervision, on the level of Advanced on their own)
  • Review the latest buddy drive together with Marshal and apply corrections, if necessary

What Buddies in Buddy System shall not do? There are many points, which are coming as contradictory to above chapter, but mainly what we noticed earlier:

  • The equipment and tools were not enough according to requirements
  • The driving error of leading buddy caused the same error of the follower, as he was blindly driving in a short distance to his buddy
  • The buddy leader lost his partner as he was too fast and not following his rear mirrors
  • The rear buddy got stuck and leading buddy didn’t have any clue about his troubles, as he was too far, or opposite way
  • Both buddies got stuck, as they didn’t properly communicate with each other, about track pitfalls
  • Both buddies did lost their way completely, because they didn’t know how to determine the positions of the globe poles
If somebody has a question or comment to this subject, she/he may open a separate thread.
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