Transfer of car from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

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Dear Almosters,

I hope this email finds you very well!

Recently we bought a used car from a gentleman who is resident in Abu Dhabi and we are residents in Dubai. We thought it was going to be a very difficult process but we got it done in just one day.

We got very useful information in the following link: ... rum23.aspx

We followed these steps:

  • We went to Abu Dhabi Transport Authority (which is like RTA in Dubai) in Mussafah in order to obtain the Transfer Certificate in the name of the buyer, which the seller has to request there – 450 AED (350 by buyer & 100 by seller)
  • If the seller was having finance on the car and has already settled and finalized it with the bank, then he will present the clearance certificate from the bank which is required (in the vehicle registration card (mulkia), last line says: “Mortgage by” so if there is something written in Arabic, then there is/was a mortgage on that car)
  • Seller has to pay all fines before the Transfer Certificate is issued
  • The AD plates have to be removed (there is a guy there who will do it for 10 AED) and need to request for Export Plates, if you want to drive from AD to Dubai (otherwise you need a truck to bring your car)
  • Over there, there is a small office for insurance, which is mandatory and has a duration of 4 days (this is the minimum; cannot be 1 or 2 days) – 200 AED
  • We handed over the cash to the seller over there, in exchange for the Transfer Certificate, which was already under our name, and then drove to Dubai and followed the procedures in RTA which are the normal vehicle registration (120 AED) and got new Dubai plates (we paid around 400 AED for that if I remember well). And ready to go!

Don’t forget:
  • To ask the seller to bring all the keys of the car (which we did not :slow:)
  • To make the new insurance before registering the car
  • To take with you a photocopy of all required documents like passport, emirates ID, driving license (these can fit in one page, save trees :-) and also insurance, husband NOC etc. and make sure that the seller also brings the same documents, plus the vehicle registration card – mulkia.

I believe that is all… Hope it can be of any help!

All the Best!
Iñigo A.K.A. Arabasque

PD: if anyone has anything to add, correct, etc. please feel free and if any more help is needed, pls feel free to contact me

PPD: Dear Admin, I hope I posted this in the right place, otherwise please feel free to move or copy it to "Boys with Toys" or wherever it could fit better. Thanks!!!
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