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Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:00 pm
by habib
Dear admin, it has been a while since my last sun&sand trip.Am waiting for upgrading. Let me know.

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:26 pm
by Arun Pandyat
[quote=habib;38695]Dear admin, it has been a while since my last sun&sand trip.Am waiting for upgrading. Let me know.[/quote]

Hi Habib, did you request to any Marshal or Explorer member to do your tool check? After the tool check only you will get your first star. If the tool check is over
mention Marshal/Explorer member's name and send a request to the concerned Marshal/Explorer and admin.

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:32 pm
by habib
Thanx Mr Arun.After the sun&sand trip I've been told about the tools. Now I've all my tools.My question is when & where shall I meet the Marshals & the explorers?

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:44 pm
by strawb
Hi Habib,

Be on the look out in the NEWBIE drive threads for an upcoming drive.

Check to see who are the registered marshals/explorers in the trip and send them a PM to REQUEST to meet them before or after the scheduled drive to have your tools inspected.

This however does NOT grant you the chance to join that drive as you need to be registered in that particular drive as per our club rules.

If your tools are in check and complete then you get your 1st star after the recommendation of the marshal/explorer, and your ready to join the nebie drives this coming winter season.

Hope this helps


Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:05 pm
by habib
Thanx strawb, I was in your convoy @ sun&sand trip and we spoke about the tools.But since then am waiting for nebie drive😢

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:03 pm
by GeeZee
I am in the same boat as habib, I was in the same "Sand and Sun" trip and my tools are ready now, just waiting for a newbie trip to meet a marshal and get my upgrade!

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:11 pm
by strawb
Hello members,

Please make sure you go thru the tools list as required to get your upgrade. It would be a pain to drive all the way out just to get inspected and not get the upgrade.

Read and comply guys. Thanks


  • The member who has attended one Club Member trip at least
  • The member who has decided to take his/her off-road driving one step further
  • The typical Newbie trip will be a morning or an afternoon drive with of easy style driving. Members will have the opportunity to get stuck and watch how recoveries are safely undertaken. There will be some cresting, to get the feel of the car approaching, crossing and descending a dune.
Minimum Recovery Equipment:

  • Rated (approved) snatch strap
  • 2 Rated Shackles
  • Rated Hook
  • Car jack
  • Tyre deflator
  • Shovel
  • Spare tyre in good shape
  • Front & rear towing points
  • Air compressor
  • Base plate for jacking vehicle

Minimum Safety Equipment

  • Fire extinguisher (Dry Powder)
  • Flag pole including flag
  • Communication device (Walkie-talkie)


Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:15 am
by habib
If I have some fj spare parts such as bumper, rims with tyres etc, and would like to sell them in reasonable price to 4×4members, where shall I post my advertise.

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:51 am
by strawb
you can post them in the almost4x4 bazaar thread