Options for aerial photography/videography as of today

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From a small age ive been a huge fan of R/C aerial toys i.e helicopters, planes.Drones were out of the question at that time as they were super expensive. I have put up this list of the best bang for your buck if your in the market to invest on an aerial drone/quadrocopter
First of all Whatever i write down here is what i believe is correct some information can be incorrect and your welcome to correct me if something is incorrect
First off all before investing in a 400$+ drone i would suggest getting a little bit of practice on something cheaper and get a hang of things and how quadrocopters generally react in different enviorment my recommendation for one of these try out drones would be
The A.R Drone by Parrot this drone is a pretty basic drone with a 720p camera that streams video directly to your smartphone/tablet.
pros-compartively cheaper than most drones in this market
doesnt need a controller to pilot as it is controlled by a smartphone/tablet
cons-materials used to make this are moderate quality
very less range as its controlled by a smartphone
a 12 minute flight time(to the max with a 1000mAH battery upgrdable to 1500mAh)
There are other drones in the market which would be cheaper but i found this drone to be the closest to the real deal at a fraction of the price
Once things get easy with the A.R drone you have a world of possiblities and drones you choose from based on your budget and your needs .
The most known drone in the market would be the Phantom (comes in 4 models ) really reliable drone and can get some good aerial shots however for the money ur putting on this drone you could get a drone with more functions.
pros: really high range
really stable as it uses gps to stabilize itself
Has a 22 minute flight time (for the latest vision2+) varies between diff models
Comes with a failsafe (returns to its take off point in case it looses connection with controller
The latest vision+ streams photos and videos to your smartphone
The gimball stabilizes the camera so your shots are perfect regardless of how the drone is moving
cons- Expensive !this includes accessories price tags
No follow me feature as of now
Smartphone streaming is not really smooth /lags when taking pitcures in the air
Weblink http://www.dji.com/
My next drone on the list would be the Iris+
Just recently launched, this drone is manufactured by 3D robotics. I consider this to be one of the best drones out there in the market
Iris+ was jus launched in the mid of september so there are not many reviews out there as people have yet to receive their drones however the most attractive feature on this drone would be the follow me feature. It has a 3d gimball which can mount a go pro. This drone is more open to changes and modifications to any other drone in the market
pros-compartively cheaper to the phantom
follow me feature
upgrades are cheap
Uses gps to stabilize itself
cons- a very weak battery expect nothing more than a 15 minute flight time
Doesnt look as sturdy or rugged as the phantom
Catered more towards developers
The last drone of this category would be the Plexidrone
Very little is known about this drone as its still in the funding stage
But as what the introduction video shows it looks very impressive but i cannot say as the drone is yet to be sold (in 2015 )
web:https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/plex ... reeze#home
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