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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:09 pm
by fida
[quote=Dave;34506]I ran the Michelin LTX and was very happy with them. Super quiet and smooth on the road giving over 100k km of use and great on the sand. As said before the side walls have little protection so I tended to avoid rocky terrain. Have not heard of the Latitude HP so unlike the LTX it doesn't have a huge reputation here which is not a good thing. Running the Cooper Discoverer AT3's now and so far I have had 6 months of happiness. Not a top end brand like the Michelin but reasonable value for money. Maybe also worth a think before you make your purchase. Don't forget to check the date stamped on the tyre when you buy. Most garages are honest and the tyre will only be 3-6 months old but there will be some out there trying to off load older stock. Best of luck with your new shoes![/quote]

Thank you Dave. Personally I am a fan of Cooper Discoverer but currently out of stock everywhere and also i have bad experience recenetly with them. I think I will try Geolanders AT and lets hope for the best.

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:06 pm
by Abu Jimmy
As per the feedback i got from FJ offroad drivers , the Geolander HT is much better for the FJ than the AT . ( they tend to flow over sand & not much digging ) . i still will recommend the Cooper Discoverer AT3' .

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:54 pm
by OffroadRon
Hi Fida, I'm using the geolandar at/s 265/65/17 on my Xterra for about 6 months now. So far quite happy with the performance.
The sidewall is softer than the Pirelli scorpion I also used to have, like you

overall the geolandar is a good choice