No Chevy No Cry

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if you got free time read this song I wrote for you guys, don't know how it came to me:

No Chevy, no cry

Said I remember when we used to Ride

In the Dune yard in Badayer
Oba, ob-serving the hypocrites
As they would mingle with the good Almosters we meet
Good Almosters we have had, oh good Almosters we've lost along the way
In this bright future you can't forget your past
So fix your tires I say

Chevy, no cry(2)
Oh my Little Almosters, don't pop no tires
No Chevy, no cry

said I remember when we used to camp
In the pink rock yard in Nazwa
And then Armin would make the fire light
Log wood burnin' through the night
Then we would cook Lahem Shahem porridge
Of which I'll share with you

Hamdans Karak is my only carriage
So I've got to push on through
But while I'm gone...

Everything's gonna be alright(8)

No Chevy, no cry
No, no Chevy, no Chevy, no cry
Oh, little Almosters, don't pop no tires
No Chevy, no cry

No Chevy, no Chevy, no Chevy, no cry
No Chevy, no cry
Oh, my little Almosters no crest no dune
No Chevy, no cry, yeah
any Almosters no crest no dune, no Chevy no cry

No Chevy no cry, no Chevy no cry(2)
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Sorry Arminjune

I had to copy this post to public because our members must see this master piece :have a nice day:

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Impressed! Another of Armin's hidden talents is that he is a pretty good piano player. We should have an Almost band... Starting with Strawb and Arminjune, who else is in?
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