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This post is just say thanks to Almosters for their knowledge and support.

Today on the trip You Only Pop-out Twice when I was enjoying jeep to the Max and Jeep was giving me positive results throughout the drive we stopped as someone had pop out after a brief stop we started again but as soon as I started to drive Jeep Thing happend,

I could not steer it was rock solid, so I stopped immediately and asked for help from Abu Jimmy and within 2 mins we knew what the issue was. the Belt that runs all the mechanicals was on the ground :( to me ( being not a jeeper ) it was catestrophy and was thinking of calling recovery but then Abu Jimmy Came along and said its normal its a jeep thing and I knew I am in safe hands, Hockey stopped and said I can fix this, so I was more confident that I wll go out of dessert the same was I came I ( by driving it and not on a recovery truck)

And within no time tools keep coming from all over the place, Abu Jimmy, Hocky, doctor, sohail, and guy in red jeep stayed back to help me and abu jimmy asked rest of the convoy to continue.

In 15-20 mins I had a replcement belt installed and working :)

Hats off to Hocky, doctor, Abu Jimmy, ( guy in red Cherokee) and suhail for staying back and sorting it out for me.

It reminded me of something told by Abu Jimmy long time back

[quote=Abu Jimmy;25340]If you make up your mind and decide to go for the Cherokee XJ , you will have my full support on this .[/quote]

And It was proved today.

Highly appreciated, and thanks to everyone for help.
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