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    On Thursday evening we had our 1st official camp after the summer, so we were so excited as the weather was not bad and it was full moon night. It was in Sweihan. We had our chit chat and the Turkish sujuk dinner ( thanks Agalon and Solmaz) then we decided to go for a sleep after midnight to charge some energy for the morning drive. We woke up an hour before the meeting time to prepare our self and have breakfast then we went to the meeting point on time.

    Daggerfall checked the attendance and gave us the drive briefing. He was the drive leader, Solmaz was the second lead and Booy & Rashidjass were sweeping.

    I was really missing the intermediate drives as I was busy with life concerns during the past period. Thus I was fascinated with the drive specially in Sweihan Dunes. we played and climbed big dunes, we did a lot of side cresting and we drove on the sharp edges of the dunes.

    We reached Nagra dune and everyone was testing his / her skills and the power of his toy in climbing the dune. Then we drove back via the dunes till we reach to a gatch road.

    I would like to thank and congratulate Daggerfall and Booy as this is their first trip as marshals. Also Thanks Rashidjass for the support during the trip.

    See you soon in Sand,


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    Big Boys play Day started with a camp.

    So the camping is open i guess. I reached the Gate a little later, deflated and then set off to the camp. Finding the camp was not difficult neither the drive if you took the correct way, the other way would have had a surprise waiting for you

    After having a nice chit chat, and some Karak and coffee we went to bed. The weather was really amazing and friend Moon was lighting up the camp and shining fully over us.

    Friday morning we packed up, had a small breakfast, thanks to Solmaz Agalon and KIMOz. Then Booy joyed us at the camp and we head towards the meeting point were the others have been waiting.

    Daggerfall gave us a short interduction about the day set up the convoy and off we went.

    It has been quiet a while since i drove and i have a few starting difficulties but thanks to Rashidjass and Booy they pretty soon were gone and the skillis came back as well the other drivers, i thank for sometimes haveing to wait for me making second and third rounds.

    All in all we had a few popouts, a few stucks that could be solved by the skills or by friend viking and what we definatly had was a lot of fun.

    All in all it was a great day and i am looking forward for the next to come.

    Thanks Daggerfall for the organisation, Rashidjass and Booy for the sweaping, and all the other drivers for making it such a great day.


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      Hi Everyone,

      It was a great night indeed. After we set up the camp with Solmaz and Agalon , KIMOz and New Alex joined us.

      The full moon , delicious Turkish sujuk&bread done by Agalon ,amazing karak by New Alex and good friends around makes the night great. When I woke up in the morning the moon was still up there shining above the horizon on a bright sky was looking like a dream. After a nice breakfast, we joined with the rest of the group at the meeting point and started rolling .

      As many of you would agree, Sweihan is a "paradise" for offroaders. It was a good opportunity to test the skills of our seasoned intermediate drivers. We tackled some challenging dunes during the drive and increased the level a little bit at some points in a safely manner. Thanks to Rashidjass and Booy, they were controlling and guiding the drivers during the drive to make sure everybody is safe as much as possible.

      As I mentioned many times, as soon as you apply the correct techniques of side cresting the risks are minimum (Still there but less). But when you start pushing the car unnecessarily and fighting gravity just not to do a second try or trying to catch up with the rest, you are not learning anything. You are just pushing your luck. Turn down, try again with correct momentum, stay on top 1-2 seconds and turn down again without drifting your back then you are safe as much as possible regardless of the height of the dune. If you don't apply the correct technique even the small dunes are very dangerous. Be patient and keep learning from your mistakes and you will develop your skill to a perfect level.

      Thanks to Solmaz for the amazing second lead. She showed the boys " How its done " . She was rocking and rolling and to all our amazing intermediate drivers. You guys all did great!

      Hope you all enjoyed it.

      See you soon.
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        Great drive, great lead and an awesome track! A track that all-but the first few could follow due to the sand being ultra soft on some very long climbs!!

        loved the lead, thanks Daggerfall ! Great second lead from Solmaz and I loved the times we got to play and try over and over again so thank you for giving us the time to try again and again to finally conquer climbs and crests!

        I loved the multiple attempts! I learned the limits of my jeep, finally getting to test it fully! As a result it goes in for surgery this week!

        loved this drive! Love this area! Canít wait for the next drive here, i can see why Daggerfall loves it here so much!!

        till next time!

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          We arrived Sweihan on Thursday evening for the camp and had a great time with Daggerfall , Agalon , KIMOz , New Alex . Night was pleasantly cool and windy so i am hoping we'll be having more camps very soon.

          In the morning we joined rest of the convoy at the meeting point. It has been a little while since the last time i was in second lead role and maybe first time in intermediate level. I noticed it is far more challenging than being back in the convoy as you get less reaction time for upcoming obstacles, soft patches, speed changes etc and still have to focus keeping the cars behind you safe in case of an unexpected problem. I tried my best to keep up with leading marshal which he didn't make it very easy for most of the time.

          We covered variety of terrain types, we straightened fair amount of high sharp dunes and did some Egg Basket 2.0 action. We even visited YODA's dune and paid our respects by flattening it out. Drive took a little longer then planned but i heard no complaints.

          Overall it was a great day accompanied by great people which i enjoyed a lot. Thank you Daggerfall for the opportunity and Rashidjass & Booy for watching over us.


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            First time in a long while, i was able to finish a drive!! This is a success :)
            At a point, my car decided not to stop, throttle was locked due to sand stuck in the spring... Anyhow sorted out :) You cannot see this type of failures everyday...
            The drive was awesome; me and the old TJ tried to keep up with the pace. Mostly we were able to but, in a couple of high climbs some endurance problem was there.
            Thanks Daggerfall for the amazing track (especially the last part before Nagra as the TJ felt at home :) ), Rashidjass and Booy for the support, kudos to Solmaz for the great performance as 2nd lead and all drivers for another perfect Friday.

            See you next time...


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              I know its a bit late to pen it down but will not be good on me if don't say that it was an aweeeesome drive. Thanks to Daggerfall for the lead, i thoroughly enjoyed it. this was my first drive in the area as an intermediate. around an year back I drove in same area as a newbie and we were allowed only see the nagara dune, not even touch it. But his time we all played on it, i tried different gear combinations just to know how my toy would react. An opportunity not to be missed to understand your car. thanks to all intermediates for the company. Thanks for the support Booy , Rashidjass and Solmaz for the second lead,who drove great.

              See you soon in sand, till then take care
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