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Desert Gazing - Fast Run

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  • Desert Gazing - Fast Run

    Hello everyone,

    as usual It was really fantastic drive today.

    alshamsi_m as leader with Daggerfall as pilot and sweep by Abu Jimmy, we had couple of second try, the area was nice and clear with no truck we drive almost 30Km in dark with soft sand and nice weather.

    thanks to alshamsi_m for organizing the trip and Abu Jimmy Solmaz and KIMOz for support, as well as JockJKU for help.

    thanks for almost organizers, see you soon again.

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    Hi All!

    Another nice drive in the Al Faqaa area, i like this place at night, there is a mix of pretty much every type of dune. Small & Medium mostly, but areas of "Egg Basket" mixed in too!

    The egg basket caught out some of the convoy and we had quite a few stoppages but it was good fun practising rescue!

    Its always a pleasure to drive with all of you guys, thank you to the Founders, Marshals and other guardian angels!

    Until next time...

    Yellow JKU
    056 505 6557


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      Hi All,

      It was another great night at Al Faqa. This time I had the privilege to be the passenger of alshamsi_m due to some mechanical problems in my car.

      It was fun to be a passenger to the leading car . You feel "different" when you are not the person on the wheels but it was a great learning experience.

      Everyone did good in general except the troubles we had on technical areas. As mentioned by Abu Jimmy during the drive when you have more drives as a newbie you tent to forget to apply some fundamental rules and techniques you learned as a beginner. I have to emphasize again that those rules and techniques are never become obsolete when you have "more experience" . Instead they are the outcome of years of experience.

      Keeping correct distance

      Good communication (You need to know all the time whats the status of the car in front of you and the one behind)

      Don't change the track (going 1-2 meters further before turning down you fall into trouble instead of passing a small bowl smoothly)

      Don't fight gravity. (Trying to turn up instead of turning down when you loose momentum on a side slope and you will have a pop out)

      All in all it was a great learning experience for all of us.

      Keep coming and use the techniques the club thought you and you will learn everything "easy way"

      Thanks to all organized supported and participated. Special thanks to Solmaz and Agalon for the ride to the drive.

      See you next time.

      Serkan Delerel (Daggerfall)

      Black Kia Sorento (Adrian) & Black FJ Cruiser (VF-1 Valkyrie)

      +971 50 725 09 31


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        Hello Everyone

        The moon was still nice and although it was a bit hummed at the beginning it was the wind was very nice at the Suhoor time. We had the SAFARI style in the previous Desert Gazing chapter so the theme as FAST this time but it seems that some of the members developed more self confidence than need which resulted with more mistakes. So instead of FAST we had MEDIUM .

        All in all drive was good and the drivers did very wall although I was hoping to do the rally style in the dark which I couldn't achieve nevertheless , there is always NEXT TIME .

        Thanks for everyone who made it another successful event.... and Get ready for DESERT GAZING - SOFT SAND
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          This is my first night drive since last ramadan
          it was a nice to practise night experience
          and explore the weak point of your off road light

          thanks everybody for a nice event and see you soon
          Some photo to share



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            Nice drive - I was less afraid than last week

            The drive was a real mix of terrain, which proved challenging at times - however everyone succeeded

            It is a different experience driving at night and definitely improves all the skills

            After some minor challenges the radio communication improved dramatically - lets start on this basis next drive

            For me a silly mistake at the end caused a pop out - by not thinking - however a super quick team fix - thanks everyone

            Really nice evening - thank you to ALL who organised, planned and executed

            see you all soon

            Thanks to one and ALL for the lessons, patience and kindness - as we continue to learn

            George D

            George D

            You got to love Jeeps - despite all the faults


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              First of all a would like to apologise from all of you for the delay caused during the drive.

              Sand was really soft and my pajero tyres started to dig every time i loose the momentum in technical areas. Sice i dont have diff locks in my car, self recovery was almost impossible. Thank you JockJKU for pulling me 4 times out of the trouble.

              Drive was a grate learning experience for me. When you are driving in the night, even small mistake can put you in big trouble.

              Thank you alshamsi_m for the grate, challenging track that gave us chance to learn and 2nd lead Booy, Abu Jimmy and all members for the support and grate time.


              Mitsubishi Pajero: The unsung hero


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                Hello Everyone,
                we had very nice trip called Deserit Gazing -Fast Run , the name was a littl scary as the drive is night drive and the dust will block the veiw in front of you specialy with the high beam LED-light. The area selected same of last week drive ( Desert gazing-Full moon) Alfuga which have very soft white sand, and many technical dunes between small and medume , there was many second try and some stuck. It was really given more experiance to us for soft sand during the night drive which focus your eys only in the place of your light wich some times caused to loss the path of the convoy during climping the dune.
                Thank you alshamsi_m and Abu Jimmy to organzie this drive, it was very exited area , and thanks to all explorer and intermidate for there support.

                See you in the next drive .

                Best Regards
                Nabil Almhanna
                Silver FJ Cruiser


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                  It was a very nice trip spicialy that its at night and as usual we learned many things in this drive such as keep more distance at night, saying clear after hard crests, looking to the previous cars behaviour to know how the sand hard is it and may things.

                  The suhoor with the team company was very nice and the stories which we heard was so funny and we hope that we have more time to stay.

                  Finaly thanx every body for this trip and for discovering the area for us before to male sure that the track is safe


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                    Hi Everyone

                    The drive this Tuesday was very interesting and we did drive in an area that I have played before with Almost 4x4 as well as on private drives - although during the daytime. I must say it's one of my favourite areas within 1 hour reach from home and the dunes there are simply amazing!!!

                    We started in one large convoy where there was one Intermediate driver for every two Newbies, and we had newbies with 5+ and 10+ drives joining the convoy.

                    I have to say that on the first night drive I brought a friend along and he enjoyed the drive so much that he insisted on joining this second drive too... he's now the proud owner of an FJ (yes, another one for the club) and he's already a member of Almost 4x4 waiting for the club member drive.

                    Although the drive was supposed to be faster, we ended up missing a leg of the planned trip and it was mostly due to some second tries, stucks and popouts we had along the way. Although the drive was quite soft, there were - as usual - parts where I had to force the car a bit more and there were also spots where unlucky people - such as myself - could manage to find a ditch or two. In one ocasion, I hit a ditch quite badly so that there was sand all over the car!!! Where the hell do these ditches come from!!!!!!!!

                    Following from my previous paragraph, the trip was quite eventful and not only we had ditches on our way but there was a small accident between the dunes, which is not something at all common at Almost 4x4 since I do see a lot of concern for safety amongst the senior drivers as well as constant reminders for how to drive safely. Great club.

                    ON a very sad note, I really missed the drive back to the starting point (given the shorter convoy, I'm sure it would have been quite fantastic) but I was already struggling to keep my eyes open and I was sure that my daughter would NOT let me sleep past 6:30am the next morning, so I took the sensible decision to leave early.

                    I am now looking forward for the next Tuesday night drive with Almost 4x4 as always and I will see you all in the sand soon.

                    I cannot forget to thank all the drive organisers who invest their time and money preparing for these club drives so that we - as members of this club - are safe and enjoy some very nice desert area with the club. Thanks alshamsi_m Abu Jimmy Boya Daggerfall and everyone else involved on the drive.



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                      Wow, another fantastic drive with friends! As always planned very well. Many of us who take part in the drives and have fun, perhaps never realize and hence never fully appreciate the planning and efforts that go behind in making these drives happen! The marshals, the crew, the intermediates make this efforts so selflessly, every time. My salute to the club leaders for their untiring efforts.

                      Regarding the drive itself, it was a very interesting and fully enjoyable. What made the drive extra extra special for me was the fact that my wife was with me on this drive. While she is an adventure loving person, however has unfortunately not participated in many drives. So it was great to have her as my co-pilot.

                      Most other drivers have mentioned details about the drive, the experience that we had, the stucks, second tries and pop-out. all these are part of the experience and fun of the drives. At the same time it remains very important to ever keep the basics in mind, as rightly re-enforced by Abu Jimmy.

                      One more small learning for me was to never take things for granted and 'assume'. Lemme explain. I had got a little late for reaching the meeting point. on reaching I quickly deflated and joined the briefing that had started. Incidentally the marshals had taken the attendance at the beginning of the briefing itself and it was over before I joined the briefing. However since i was standing right in front of the marshal during the briefing, hence I ASSUMED that marshals had noticed my presence. As it turned out, that was not true. So it was midway through the drive, when I spoke something on the radio, the marshals realized that i was in the drive too!!!

                      I now realize I should have ensured confirming my presence to the marshals before the drive started. A small assumption on my part could have turned into a serious 'Security Lapse' !!!

                      Infact I remember getting a similar message during one of the previous drives about year of so back where the marshal strongly advised all of us to not 'Assume'. He said very interestingly: Don't 'Assume', since when you 'ASSUME' you basically make an 'Ass of You and Me'

                      So friends when it is anything that relates to safety like confirming your presence for the trip, ensuring that the route ahead is clear etc etc..... lets CONFIRM rather than ASSUME !!!

                      Naturally I dont intent to preach here, only sharing my learning.

                      Thanks again everyone for the wonderful drive and looking forward to many more!




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                        Hello everyone
                        It was an amazing drive specially with amazing team.
                        It was my second drive at night and I liked it , it is not easy to drive specially with limited vision but when you are driving with class A crew so no worries.

                        We drove around 2 hours in Alfuga area which has a nice dunes and soft sand and many technical dunes.

                        After that we had Sohoor with the gays which was very nice and entertaining.
                        Finley, I would like to thanks everybody for the nice drive


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                          Hey Almoster!
                          We had a great drive, starting when the temperatures were lower and finishing at a very pleasant 28oC!
                          The track were nice, with some challenging areas due to low visibility and soft sand, but nothing the crew couldn't make it.
                          thank you for the marshals and everyone who joined, was pretty nice to drive with you!!
                          I will be out of UAE for a few weeks, so will see you again at the end of July!
                          +971 52 225 6080
                          Black FJ Cruiser
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