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  • Lift Height / Suspension

    All, looking for some advice please.

    I currently run the Teraflex 2.5" Lift Kit with Fox Factory DSC 2.5 Shocks, however as I have been adding to the weight of the Jeep with aux Fuel Tank, Steel Bumpers, Fridge, Tools etc etc the level of Lift has decreased.

    As a result, now when the Jeep sits on level ground, there is only around 3" of travel available on the Shocks, which means they are not working as well as they could be if they had more travel. I have measured the actual lift vs Stock, and actually I am now only getting aroun 1.75" Lift.

    So, my question is... Go 3" or 4". I just installed Teraflex HD Tie Rod and Drag Link, as well as Teraflex 8 Flex Control Arms, so those parts are capable of correcting the geometry for both heights.

    I understand with 4" the centre of gravity would be higher, but if I went wider on the wheels it would counter this. But i also may have to change the Drive shaft for 4" too. So for those reasons I am thinking i would prefer to go with the 3" lift, but i just don't want to be disappointed with the level of clearance the 3" lift would give me vs the 2.5" kit thats on now.

    Thoughts and advice welcome please!!

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    hi Jock,

    did you consider getting larger wheels and upgrading the rings and pinions ? with the bigger tyres you will get more ground clearance and with the diff. upgrade you will get more power in off roading.

    but still you need to consider wither your current lift is enough for bigger tires.

    cheers !


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      Hi Jock

      I faced a similar problem with my FJ because of the box I have at the back so I changed from 2.5 to heavy duty 3. It seems that much shocks are happy after that.

      As you mentioned, the weight will bring your car left by coils to the level you want.

      Good luck
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