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Goodbye family! I will miss you incredibly much!

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  • Goodbye family! I will miss you incredibly much!

    Dear family,
    as some of you have happened to know already, I will be leaving the country by the end of July/beginning of August.

    The context here has not been easy in the last few months and I have been forced to look elsewhere for a job (by the way, I will go back to Italy, my home country, so it's not a bad place at all), in spite of how much I would have loved to stay in the UAE for longer.

    I will make sure to get together with as many of you as I can before I will leave, as I really would like to thank each of you in person for the things you've taught me, for the great company in all occasions and in general for making me feel home since the very first time I met you.

    I miss you already, unfortunately life is like a motorway: you can only go ahead. So, let's look at the next challenge.

    Keep in touch in the next days/weeks, and for the ones I won't be able to meet, thanks again for all you've done (and all of you did something, although you might consider it to be only a little gesture ).
    I will keep in my hearth these 2+ years and if you will happen to be around Italy, just give me a call. I will soon update my mobile details, although my personal email will remain the same.

    See / talk to you soon!
    Roberto (aka dLemma )
    White FJC (alias T-Rex)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    mobile UAE: +971.50.4768998
    mobile ITA: coming soon

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    Dlemma we will miss you, but sure you will have great times on your next challenge!

    Hope you have all the best!
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      Sad to hear that. ..
      Good luck for the new challenge.
      ( let's meet on the next intermediate drive )


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        Best of luck bro. Hope to see you back soon
        Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik aka Scorpio
        White FJ Cruiser Xtreme

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          Best of luck back at your home country.


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            Its very sad to hear that you are leaving. Wish you all the best.
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